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  • Conditioning Hare Care Tips
  • Cleansing Hair Care Tips
  • Styling Hair Care Tips
  • Caring For Your Hair Underneath Your Install!

Your Secret Hair Weapon

Condition, condition, condition! The more consistent you are with conditioning your bundles will equate to your hair lasting longer and maintaining hair styles.

Deep Conditioning

When you first purchase your hair deep condition the hair before installing.

Moisture - Protein Balance

Deep condition the hair with a rich conditioning treatment that targets dry and damaged hair. This treatment with give you superior softness and luster.

Timing & Heat

Leave your conditioner on the hair for at least 45 min, and use a heating cap or a warm towel for the best results.


Rinse your hair bundles in cool water to seal the cuticles and prevent frizz.

Oh So Fresh!

When wearing a hair weave install it is important to incorporate a cleansing routine to insure a healthy scalp and beautiful tresses. Develop a regiment that is best for your schedule or set up an appointment with your stylist for regular styling and maintenance.


Before cleansing hair make sure to gently comb out any tangles with a large tooth comb.


After detangling run warm water under hair to make sure all hair is going in one direction and to start the breakdown of debris from product buildup.


Split your hair into 4 sections and wash 4 sections at a time to keep hair from tangling and experiencing too much friction.

Squeaky Clean

If you have a hard time cleansing your scalp and braids, fill up a spray bottle or a applicator bottle with hot soapy water and spray directly the cleanse as usual.

Irresistible Hair

Properly preparing your hair to be styled will help you to achieve your desired look. The products and the techniques you use will make or break your hair style.


If you want your hair to flow in the wind without being dry and brittle, you must always air-dry hair at least until 70% dry.


Keep your hair in a constant state of conditioning by applying products that will protect your hair from moisture loss and keep your hair sleek after styling.


Custom module layouts and chrome, as well as per-version template overrides are available.


A custom administrative interface in the template manager allows for swift configuration.

One of The Greatest Protective Styles!

Use your install as a protective style to nourish and rest your hair from heat and chemicals. An install can serve as a growth aid, and if used properly can yield a head of thick, long, healthy hair.


Before installing your hair make sure your hair is cleansed, conditioned, moisturized, and sealed with a coating oil like olive oil or black castor oil.


If you are leaving a partial amount of your hair out, make sure to apply a heat protecting spray/serum and leave-in conditioner. Limit using heat on your leave-out as much as possible. Opt to roller set or use steam rollers to style.

Daily Care

With your fingertips lightly apply a good moisturizer that contains natural ingredients. Towards "Wash-Day" start misting braids with water and lightly applying oil. Try no to get any on the actual extensions. Set aside time to at least cleanse your hair and deep condition as usual. Make sure to sit under a dryer for at least 45 min to 1 hour to completely dry your braids. Apply leave in conditioner as usual.

Nightly Care

Wear a satin bonnet at night to keep hair from drying out and weakening underneath your install. Try not to tightly wrap your hair up to insure blood flow and air flow are reaching your scalp.

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