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Our Lace Closures will blend effortlessly with any of our Malaysian, Brazilian, or Peruvian textures. A closure will give versatility with styling and give your hair extra protection when installed. Hair can be straightened with a ceramic iron or worn slightly wave to blend in with hair bundles. Each closure texture is available in 2 lengths 12″ and 14″inche

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natural-black, body-wave, 10-inches, natural-black, body-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, body-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, body-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, body-wave, 18-inches-20-00, natural-black, curly, 10-inches, natural-black, curly, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, curly, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, curly, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, curly, 18-inches-20-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 10-inches, natural-black, loose-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 18-inches-20-00, natural-black, straight, 10-inches, natural-black, straight, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, straight, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, straight, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, straight, 18-inches-20-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 10-inches, natural-brown, body-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 18-inches-20-00, natural-brown, curly, 10-inches, natural-brown, curly, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, curly, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, curly, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, curly, 18-inches-20-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 10-inches, natural-brown, loose-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 18-inches-20-00, natural-brown, straight, 10-inches, natural-brown, straight, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, straight, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, straight, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, straight, 18-inches-20-00