Add more versatility.

Our Closure Collection will blend effortlessly with any of our Malaysian, Brazilian, or Peruvian textures. Our closure collection will give versatility with styling and give your hair extra protection when installed. Hair can be straightened with a ceramic iron or worn slightly wave to blend in with hair bundles. Each closure texture is available in 2 lengths 12″ and 14″ inches.

  • Tangle Free and Natural Minimum to no shedding
  • Can be Dyed and Bleached to any color
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natural-black, body-wave, 10-inches, natural-black, body-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, body-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, body-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, curly, 10-inches, natural-black, curly, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, curly, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, curly, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 10-inches, natural-black, loose-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, loose-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-black, straight, 10-inches, natural-black, straight, 12-inches-5-00, natural-black, straight, 14-inches-10-00, natural-black, straight, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 10-inches, natural-brown, body-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, body-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, curly, 10-inches, natural-brown, curly, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, curly, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, curly, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 10-inches, natural-brown, loose-wave, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, loose-wave, 16-inches-15-00, natural-brown, straight, 10-inches, natural-brown, straight, 12-inches-5-00, natural-brown, straight, 14-inches-10-00, natural-brown, straight, 16-inches-15-00